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Welcome to Osmo Africa - Call us on 087 238 0762 for any technical advice
Welcome to Osmo Africa - Call us on 087 238 0762 for any technical advice

OSMO 2K Wood Oil | VOC Free

by Osmo
R 1,199.90
Colour: Clear Matt 6100


Osmo 2K Wood Oil is the first one-coat, solvent and VOC free, matt 2-component oil, based on natural oils for interior wood surfaces from Osmo Germany.

With just one coat, it forms a micro-porous and breathable surface that is resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, etc as per DIN EN 12720 specifications. The dried coating is safe for humans, animals and plants. 

It is also resistant to saliva and perspiration as per DIN 53160, and is suitable for children's toys as per EN 71.3. 

Thanks to the innovative binding agent technology, the newly coated surface is fully useable  after just one day, resulting in considerable time saving for you!


  • HEALTHY SURFACES - With just one application, the unique properties of the wood surface are preserved for a long time. Thanks to the breathable surface protection, the wood can continue to absorb and release moisture, and in turn, this has a positive effect on the room, climate and wellbeing.

  • WORK EFFICIENCY - With one coat applied with a White Non Abrasive Pad, Double Blade Scraper or Microfibre Roller and subsequently buffed in with a White Non Abrasive Pad or polishing machine, a beautiful, long lasting and durable surface is created.  This saves time in application and makes it possible to complete the job in a single day.  

  • FLEXIBLE IN USE - Osmo 2K Wood Oil can be used on almost all wood species, including oily and resinous species. Small damage and scratches can easily be repaired over time and without any noticeable transitions.

  • SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL INTERIORS - Thanks to the short drying time as well as the healthy and low maintenance surface, Osmo 2K Wood Oil is ideal for use in nursery schools, schools, canteens and other public interiors

  • SIMPLE APPLICATION -  Osmo 2K Wood Oil consists of two components which are mixed together directly before application, the product is then ready for immediate use.

  • HIGH COVERAGE - One litre of Osmo 2K Wood Oil covers approximately 40-50 Square Metres with one coat!

  • RELIABLE APPLICATION - As specialists in wood and coatings, Osmo enjoys more than 100 years of experience in handling valuable raw wood. Thanks to exceptionally high quality awareness, Osmo keeps every step of development and production in their own hands. This is how Osmo ensures maximum product quality and reliable results the world over!

  • LIMITLESS CREATIVITY - All Osmo 2K Wood Oil colours can be mixed with each other - this offers you an almost unlimited design freedom to fulfill customer wishes, and on the other hand, it also saves valuable storage space!

  • RESISTANCE - One coat build-ups and high resistance do not contradict each other. With Osmo 2K Wood Oil. high quality surfaces with an astonishing wear resistance are achieved.

Recommended Use

Osmo 2K Wood Oil is suitable for all parquet and wooden flooring (solid wood, plank, strip, stairs, etc) acc. German DIN 18356 as well as furniture surfaces.  Osmo 2K Wood Oil is especially suitable for oily and resinous hardwoods and commercial interiors, which require the use of a solvent-free product.


Surface Preparation

  • Final sanding for flooring P120 - P150 grit and for furniture final sanding is P220 - P240 grit

  • Wood surfaces must be clean and dry. 

  • Maximum wood moisture content is 20%

  • Old paints, varnishes and lacquers must be completely removed.

  • Before oiling the surface, remove all sanding dust completely with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

  • Osmo 2K Wood Oil is not ready to use without mixing.

  • Shortly before application, add the hardener (mixing ratio volume 10 Oil to 1.2 Hardener ) and mix both components thoroughly together with a flat paddle.

  • Do not thin!

  • Pot time is approximately 3-4 hours.

Methods of Application

  • Apply Osmo 2K Wood Oil with a white non abrasive pad, or an Osmo Double Blade Scraper. 

  • Wait approximately 20-40 minutes for the oil to penetrate into the wood.

  • Afterwards, buff the oil into the wood and even out the surface with a white non abrasive pad or single disc machine fitted with a white pad. On furniture even out and buff with a white pad.  Wipe any excess oil off with a lint free cloth

  • Leave surface to dry.


  • To prevent a possible pressure build-up in the mixed container, allow the oil/hardener mixture to completely react before closing the container (approximately 12-16 hours).





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